Housewives and best friends too

08 June 2022
These are some of our favourite besties from the housewives franchise.
Housewives Bestie Article BB

We’re celebrating national besties day and what better way to do so than with some of our favourite girlies from the housewives franchise because #1Magic is after all their home.

They have different relationships and no matter how crazy, indescribable and shady some of them are, what remains is that they love each other just as insane and will be there for one another at a drop of a hat should anything happen.


This is why we love them;

Through thick and thin – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle and Erika’s friendship isn’t a shocking one from two women who are all about their business, being the pillar of their families and most of all, lovers of all things fun. What’s more enduring about their love for each other is the fact that the are not only there for the live shows while Erika performs or the parties that Kyle hosts but they are there even when everything is falling apart like we saw with Erika going through a divorce.

It's not always perfect and they have their faults but all relationships do right?


Your sister has your back - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

After her friendship with Nene shockingly came to an end, Cynthia and Kenya formed a very close bond that went on to be a sister bond for years. The combination of the calm but feisty one and the unapologetically out there shady one worked well didn’t always work well for them but they always stood by each other and didn’t let the outside noise get to them.

Through Cynthia falling inlove and getting married again and Kenya finding love and having a baby, they’ve been there for one another which was beautiful to see.


It’s crazy but it’s beautiful - The Real Housewives of New York

The sooner one stops trying to understand Ramona and Sonja’s friendship, the better for everyone involved. These two make it hard to not love them even when the shade can be over the top, it comes from a place of love. They have been besties for many years and plan to stick around till the wheels fall off. They have lost their husbands in different ways and supported each other back to being businesswomen and healing through it all.

One thing they will do is go out and flirt okay! Now that comes with some hilarious arguments regarding the men they’ve been with but it makes their friendship so fun to watch knowing they check each other and then bring it back to love.


The reasonably shady duo - The Real Housewives of Potomac

Now over here shade remains the order of the day, everyday. Gizelle and Robyn have been besties ever since we met them and will come for you if you dare come for one of them or their families which is valid for people who have each other’s backs.

Gizelle has been there for Robyn while she figures out her relationship till the point of being a part of helping to pick out her ring when Juan proposed. Robyn has equally been a good friend especially when Gizelle got back with her ex who was never around. Although Robyn had something shady to add, it was always love and wishing the best for her girl.


It's the Gina and Emily show - The Real Housewives of Orange County

They will put on a show and have the best time of their lives every time they link up, doesn’t matter who finds it too much. Gina and Emily are never letting go of the child that resides in them and they make it a point to drink, talk absolutely no sense and dance like on one’s watching when they are together and that makes their bond beautiful.

They have been through the most in their marriages but made it a point to make their friendship the calm and loving space that they needed through the chaos at home until they made it to the other side, happy.


We love us some housewives and even more so when they are besties and really have each other’s best interests at heart.

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