Halloween weekend movie marathon

29 October 2022
Get your popcorn ready and settle in for a scary time with movies that will keep you on your toes and screaming in terror.
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Pinky Pinky - A monster is born

Running away from your problems is never a good idea. Often grief is the catalyst that can also make you run away. Nomzamolost her twin sister and then decides to go to boarding school to run away from the grief. The only problem is that when she arrives, she encounters an even bigger monster than the one she was running from, and he is more powerful. The only question is will she defeat it once and for all or keep running? Settle in and watch what Nomzamo decides.


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Fried Barry

If you want to take a 'tour' of Cape Town, this is the movie for you. You will not only see Cape Town through different eyes but also extraterrestrial eyes. In this movie, Barry gets abducted by aliens who then take over his body. Barry is in for the ride of his life as he is now riding shotgun in his own body with no way to escape. Since he was known to take drugs, his erratic behaviour will not be a shock since erratic and drug use go hand in hand. 


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Die Spreeus

Bas and Beatrice are fearless and tenacious detectives who don't mind investigating crimes beyond this world.  They are part of an investigative unit which specialises in just that. These two are not your ordinary detectives as where some may run; they run towards the danger in hopes of getting justice. Which worlds will they uncover, and how will justice be brought?

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