Guerrilla: An intriguing story of the political reality in 1970's UK

31 January 2018
"Guerrilla’ attempts to show you what that fight was like" - Idris Elba

The golden age of television continues to gain momentum as big Hollywood movie actors increasingly commit to roles on the small screen. Although he's been on the small screen before, Idris Elba has taken a breather from his hectic movie-making schedule to star in Guerrilla, an intriguing political drama that captures life during one of the most politically explosive eras in British history. 

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This six-part miniseries chronicles life and social dynamics of a 1970's London. Guerilla captures the historical period when the passing of such laws as the Immigration Act of 1971 led to the emergence of resistance movements such as the British Panthers and Race Today Collective. Starring Idris Elba, Freida Pinto and Babou Ceesay, the John Ridley written show follows the story of a politically active couple who have their relationship and moral compasses tested when they liberate a political prisoner to start an underground cell in London. 

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“When you think about civil rights, you think about the Black Panthers, you think about America", Idris said in a behind the scenes clip of the limited series. Adding; "Well, in England, in the early ‘70s, there was a smaller, similar movement. It was far from easy if you looked Indian or black. And I think ‘Guerrilla’ attempts to show you what that fight was like.”

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