Grown-ish Episode 9: Who Gon Stop Me?

17 July 2018
Who Gon Stop Vivek and his escapades?
vivek grownish

On this week’s episode of Grown-ish Season 1, “Who Gon Stop Me”, the focus is on drug abuse among college students. Both Vivek and Aaron are sick; Vivek for his involvement in the on-campus drug distribution business and Aaron for his flu, and has transferred it to the twins.

As has become customary, each episode of Grown-ish raises an issue which is often tackled with humour and tact. There are lessons to be learnt with every single episode.

Vivek has been a very awkward and insecure individual who has tried hard to fit in but often gets pushed aside. He’s barely said much in previous episodes, but this time around his story is the crux of this episode because it shines the spotlight on his personality as well as the motivations behind his actions.

Vivek’s story represents the stories of many young people who are trying to find their way and identity through life. Vivek craves attention and recognition and tries his hardest to escape the difficulties of his upbringing.

When it hits crunch time, it’s every man for himself. But often times, there is that one friend who will stick around through everything, and this time we find Zoey by Vivek’s side.

Grown-ish airs every Thursdays at 19:30.

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