Get to know Tian Richards

20 December 2022
Tian is about making moves, and one of those moves is making television history.
tom swift poster

As you know, the show Tom Swift landed on our #1Magic screen, and we could not be happier. Tom Swift is based on the Tom Swift book series that Victor Appleton wrote. We were delighted to see Tian Richards as the lead in this series. He has taken on the role and given it the colours and authority it needed. 


He has also made history as he is playing the network's first black gay lead, which has made television history. He is very proud of this and takes this in his stride as the character flows from his veins, as he does not miss a beat with his electrifying performance.


Tian is no novice, as we have enjoyed him in other productions such as Nancy Drew and Being Mary Jane. He also is a model, influencer and, of course, a seasoned entertainer.


Tian plays the character of Tom Swift and is joined by an equally talented cast. Since it is a spin-off from the famed Nancy Drew, you can prepare for a lot of action, mystery, conspiracy, sci-fi, and inventions you have yet to consider.


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