Get to know the new Beverly Hills housewife

08 September 2022
She’s all about what’s hers and not allowing anyone to mess with it.

“The only thing better than having it all is having even more!” says Diana Jenkins in her intro on the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that tells us one thing and one thing only, she’s rich like very very rich.

We’re only a few episodes in to S12 and we’ve seen different sides of her so far. The unbothered, the sweet and soft side with her family and the don’t mess with me but something tells us that we’re still going to find out more about her.


Where she’s from

Her story is the rags-to-riches one with a very sad background. She was born in Sarajevo, in Bosnia but because of the war outbreak in 1992, she was forced to soon move to London where she worked low paying jobs and learning English.

Jenkins later got married to the very wealthy Roger Jenkins but they have since divorced and have two children, their son Innes and daughter Eneya.


Where she is now

After her divorce, Jenkins started dating singer and actor Asher Monroe and they are currently engaged and have a daughter, Eliyanah.


The glitz  and the glam

What comes after a divorce with one of the wealthiest men in London? Yep, huge payout. It is reported that Jenkins has seven homes (to accommodate her travelling schedule of course and comfortability anywhere she’s at) as you do and she doesn’t travel with a full glam squad, ever.

Oh but wait there’s more, she also sends some of her staff ahead of time to set up all her clothes and make sure her hotel rooms are fancy enough before she checks in (talk about the good life!)

Outside of her divorce payout, Diana has her own business interests. She is the founder and CEO of Neuro Brands, a lifestyle-drink company.


So far her relationships with the other ladies have been borderline none existent except for some disagreements with Sutton who isn’t her favourite person, she doesn’t think Garcelle is welcoming and believes Crystal should grow up and start standing up for herself.

She’s a woman with many layers and we’re eager to keep peeling and getting to know more about her as the season continues.


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