Enhle Mbali and Zola; What we learned! – V Entertainment

19 March 2019
Did you know Zola's nickname, back in the day, was actually 'Kush'?

The privilege of being able to interview some of the country's most recognisable faces is that we get to deliver great content for the culture. Every now and then, a whole story will break. It's bound to happen when you are happening honest conversations with really famous people all the time – something interesting is bound to jump out and shake the table. 

But, further to being the first to unearth the hidden gems in the real lives of your faves, you've got to love the fact that an invironment of unbriddled authenticity is created. From Toll A$$ Mo having to set the record straight about about a sensational trip to the massage parlour in Thailand, to Mzekezeke showing randomly going barefoot, there's always enough to chuckle about in each episode. 

On last Friday's episode, Zola 7 revealed to everyon that his first musical monikor was, in fact, 'Kush'. We are all really happy that he ended up going with Zola, because it's much, well, family friendlier. Kush, though, made more sense in the beginning. It turns out that Zola started out as a rapper, before scoring a role as the iconic Papa Action on Yizo Yizo, a role which would catapult him into a household name. He later leveraged that into a massive kwaito career. 

Enhle Mbali has launched as hair range of synthentic hair. She explains during the interview that she bought shares in a company that focuses on offering women hair "within a budget", so that no one gets left out. So cool!

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