Daytime Divas are here... Paws up!

06 February 2018
... Meouw!

Anything with Vanessa Williams taking on the lead role in a comedy is by default a hit. Who can forget her iconic portrayal of Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty?

Though now joined by Chloe Bridges, Camille Guaty and Fiona Gubelmann for a pack of fierce women from different walks of life, the actress is out to delight on Daytime Divas, premiering tonight at 20:30 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103! 

The satirical comedy-drama is an adaptation of the book Satan's Sisters penned by former The View co-host, Star Jones. That, if you read between the lines, can only mean a lot of tea is spilled about the unspoken realities and explosive dynamics behind the scenes on these talk shows. But while those conclusions are easy to draw, Star has never confirmed any of it. It's all allegations. 

As far as facts go, what we do have is a fresh, entertaining and sassy comedy following the lives of four female television co-hosts and the situations before and the cameras stop rolling. Maxine is the creator and boss host of popular daytime talk show The Lunch Hour. Deftly taking on the co-hosting duties are Mo, Kibby, Nina and Heather. 

While this group of women has mastered putting on a good face while the cameras are rolling, things are far cattier behind the scenes. Egos, rivalries, tantrums are all the different ingredients that render this hilarious debut a must see. 

Catch the show's premiere tonight at 20:30 on 1Magic and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #1Magic