Couples who choose each other every time

21 February 2022
It gets tough at times but they continue to choose working on the love they have for each other no matter what.
Zo and Emma

Love is beautiful but it’s also not all rosy all the time. But when two people who are committed to wanting to make it work are together, they will continue to choose each other every day even through the not-so-good times and that’s what makes it all worth it.

We’ve watched these couples go through some situations that not many people could come back from but their love keeps outweighing the mess. 😍


Lindiwe and Zweli – The River

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One thing about Zweli is that he knows the kind of person he married and he will always choose to believe only the best about her. However, Tumi and Elvis’ death is where it all went south and made him question everything but even that only bended their relationship. Nyakallo is the name and when she came along, that was the loudest: “I’m done with you,” message to Lindiwe but because she loves Zweli so much, she fought till the bloody end on the train. Instead of accepting defeat, she made sure that they get back to where they were. Their love wins every time.


Seipati and Mandla ­– Lingashoni

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Abandoning Seipati, after remembering who he is after years of having memory loss, is still Mandla’s biggest L and the ultimate betrayal to the love they shared for so many years. Seipati always chose Mandla, second wife or not, double life or not, she chose to come to the big city and fight for what they have and he eventually came clean and finally made her feel like it wasn’t all in vain. Now, things are not at all perfect but they are still pushing and remain married.


Sharon and Sizwe –  Entangled

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We met them in the most chaotic way on Entangled and it hasn’t been all that great since. Sharon is a very confused woman when it comes to who she wants between her husband Sizwe and her past boo, Julius. It took her bestie spilling the tea during her speech at the wedding and a whole DNA situation to see who her son’s father is (now confirmed Sizwe) to make them both choose to work on their marriage and continue writing their love story.


Andile and Njabulo – The River

We got a wedding at the end … finally but it literally took tears, living apart and a man called Mondli before the happily-ever-after was realised. Njabulo always felt like Andile needed to grow up and stop living to impress his family and leaving to another country was the wakeup call Andile needed. After some jail time for a crime he didn’t commit and then finding out that he has a son, Andile didn’t have it easy but his family thought Njabulo is exactly what he needs and that was the glue needed to put it all back together to the happiness they deserve. They both choose to be each other’s forever and we got to witness it all at their stunning wedding.


Zolani and Emma – The River

One thing about Zolani, he made his mind up a long time ago about Emma and no one can tell him otherwise at this point. He is a man in love, a committed man and will do just about anything for them to keep true to their vows and make it a forever thing. Emma lied about who she is and what she does for a living in order to marry him, she hid a pregnancy, she stole diamonds from the family, and the one thing that looked like would be the last straw but really it wasn’t, was her having an affair with his cousin while he was in prison. “It’s you and me forever,” were Zolani’s exact words after coming out and finding out about the affair and now after the tears and putting on a brave face, he chose her to rebuild and get back to a happy place.

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It won’t always be amazing but when you find your person, it makes sense to keep choosing them.

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