Closing off mother's month in style

30 May 2022
We've been celebrating mothers all month long!
Mothers Article BB

They are our rock, the ones that keep it all together and also keep us glued to our screens and for all that and more, we've been celebrating them all month long (but if we're being honest, it's every day of the year 😍) because it only makes sense that way. 

We've decided to show you some of the best looks from them that we've stanned as we close the month of May off;

Lindiwe the mommy bear

Please, if you don't know by now that she's the stylish mother that does absolutely anything for her family while looking effortlessly stunning then get to knowing! She's known for turning heads when she enters a room and leaves everyone's jaws on the floor. 🔥 #TheRiver1Magic


The Rainbow that makes everyone happy

She's bubbly and a very happy person and that shows in the clothes that she puts on as well. It's elegance meets chilled when it comes to Bow and you are left wanting to shop where she does when she takes off her scrubs and puts on her fabulous outfits. 🌈 #Blackish


The fiery Puleng 

She's a fiesty one and if anything comes and threatens her family in any shape or form, she's not shy to go to war with whoever she needs to in order to set it right. From her long inches, you can tell she is a lover of all things stunning and then she puts on her dresses and you know it's game over! 💥


It's fabulous or nothing for Dorit 

It can be a party, a girls trip, awards ceremony, pyjama party, pizza day it doesn't matter, Dorit will dress up for it and look absolutely amazing. If it's not designer or anything close to luxurious then you won't find her in it and that's what we love her for. Her husband and children have come to know that mommy will not leave the house looking a mess okay?! 💁


80s Alicia stays giving 

She's a classic lady and we're not mad at it. Alicia is a trong woman who will do anything to show her children that a woman especially can be whoever she wants to be in any field because of the time that they live in. She goes into the world of law and rocks a stunning outfit each day with some subtle but some colourful looks as well. 💕


We hope all the wonderful women glued to the screen with us have had an amazing month of spoils. Tune in to these shows on #1Magic and live on the DStv App.