Character of the week - Sharon

24 January 2022
There’s a mess and then there’s what Sharon has been going through these past three episodes.
Sharon Entangled

When Entangled graced our screens, we could tell from the first episode that we’re in for a long and tricky ride. We met Sharon as a happy but stressing bride as she was about to get married to the love of her life until things took a left when bestie came along with news that a blast from the past has made an appearance.


Sharon has been a very refreshing and relatable character on our screens, a woman in her 30th figuring out this life thing from relationships to friendship dynamics and culture clashes among everything as that we experience as we get older.

We’re only three episodes in but she already has us invested in her life and leaves us eager to see what her next step will be, will she be able to win Sizwe back, who is the father of her son, why is Julius still in the picture etc.

Your reactions!

You’ve been loving her character as much as we have and going through the most with her as well;


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