Character of the week – Lona

16 February 2022
Sipho’s mother was proven right in all her suspicions

It got tricky real quick when all the potentials wives moved into their potential mother-in-laws houses in order to win them over and eventually receive their blessings to marry their sons.


While this process continues, relationship have been getting tested and not only the one between the women but one between the couple as well. One such relationship that has been going through it all is Sipho and Lona’s, they have went from convincing their families that this is a good idea to then making one mistake after another.

One would think the best attitude to come through with in this situation is being humble, respectful and doing anything (within reach of course) to impress your man’s mother in order to get that green light. Lona’s was over to a good and nervous start when she was welcomed but that quicky went south when she wanted her friend to spend the night to show her the ropes, how?? 😩

When cooking for the family went south;


The Bev will ruin it all

It wouldn’t be a problem if Lona didn’t find the need to drink in Sipho’s mother’s house and in her presence on top of that but the unfortunate deed happened and that set their relationship back, further than where it already was. In order to reward herself (her words), she decided to annoy her mother-in-law by not only sitting on her kitchen counter while cleaning but she took it a step further by justifying why she was also drinking alcohol


There’s a bun in the oven

There’s a baby on the way and feeling about that are over all the place. While Lona is happy but nervous, Sipho is stressed because that apparently delays their wedding but his mother wants him to leave her. What about the baby then?

Sipho’s mother mentioned on countless occasions that Lona is pregnant and the delay in confirming it came from her saying that a baby will be had on her budget and the fact that she continues to consume alcohol in her state only makes it that much harder for her to be accepted.


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