Celebrating the leading women on 1Magic

18 August 2021
1Magic applauds what they stand for!
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She is strong, she is fearless, she is a boss, she is a nurturer, she is a goddess, she is a woman!

It may just be a month when everyone cheers the women in their lives but we watch them in awe and celebrate their wins every single day. From the women who work tirelessly to the ones that protect their families at all costs, to the ones that everyone respects because of what they stand for.

Here are some of the amazing women that we get to watch and fall in love with every day.


Don’t step on her toes ... (don’t say we didn’t tell you)


Lindiwe “Madlabantu” Dlamini-Dikana is known for dealing with anyone who stands in her way or threatens her family. Now, she may do that in questionable ways but fact remains, she’s a CEO of her own mine which she hustled for as a woman coming from a poor background till it became a dream come true and she doesn’t allow anyone to look down on that achievement.

You better come correct if you decide to come for her and chances are she will stay winning or at least die trying and for that we will stan forever! 👸


A mama bear and a boss


Alicia Johnson is the woman any child would be lucky and proud to have as a role model to look up to, she’s not only a mother and wife but also a very smart woman first who worked hard to make sure that she doesn’t forget her dreams.

Things haven’t always been easy for her as a woman working at a law firm but best believe she didn’t let that phase her but instead made her work even harder so that they can see her worth. Making sure that her children know and are proud of their African-American heritage is just as important to her so one doesn’t need to worry about her priorities – get you a woman who can do both type of vibes! 🔥


A boss babe!


Charley Bordelon West is a boss, okay! Again, things haven’t always been easy for this woman but when she and her siblings lost their father, they had no choice but to come together after many quarrels to keep his legacy alive and make sure that his property remains in the family and is well taken of.

Life has dealt her some pretty rough deals when her marriage came to an end and her relationship with her son saw some rocky times but she continues to put her best foot forward every time and earns respect inevery room she enters especially now that she has entered the world of politics.


A sweetheart not to be undermined


Seipati Moeketsi is as sweet and humble as they come but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s easily manipulated or threatened. As a woman from a rural area who lost her husband and ended up marrying another one she rescued from a river; but he ended up abandoning her for his old life. She has had to fight for the life that she deserves!

She took on the big and scary move of coming to the big city to fight for her marriage and till now she remains focused on that and making sure that she gets the good life and her children are well taken care of. She is smart, strong and rises every time life knocks her down.


Intelligence, seriousness and a whole lot of funny!


We love her and she’s that one bestie in our heads who you run to because you know she will keep it real with you no matter what and then make your laugh as if you didn’t have a problem to begin with! The world is trying to heal from all that we’ve been going through and switching on the TV to watch the cutest and smartest kids on Kids Say The DarndestThings is exactly what the doctor ordered and Tiffany Haddish makes it even more better.

She comes from a rough background but that never stopped her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a comedian who now does so much more including being an amazing actor. She now wants to adopt children and become a mother and she will surely be a great one.




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