Celebrating 100 episodes of Lingashoni

10 September 2021
Here's to many more great episodes!
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Lingashoni has hit the 100-episode mark!

The telenovela, which is centered around Mandla Cele – a man who’s lost his memory – premiered on 1 Magic in March 2021. Mandla doesn’t remember much about his life and has been trying to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle. He’s married to Puleng (his first wife) and Seipati, the woman he met and built a life with when everyone thought he had died.

Since Mandla came back from the dead, Puleng has been working hard to make sure that her husband doesn’t find out that she had to do with the plot to kill him. The show has been filled with many ups and downs since it hit our TV screens. 

Here are some key moments from Lingashoni:

Puleng’s secret affair with Papi

When Mandla disappeared, Puleng moved on with her lover, Papi. However, the lovebirds haven’t been able to make their relationship work after Mandla resurfaced. While Papi has been begging Puleng to leave Mandla for him, she’s refused to do so. In fact, Puleng has even asked Papi to find someone else as she has chosen to to focus on her marriage. 

Mohau and Mpumi’s forbidden relationship

When Mandla came back, he brought his new wife (Seipati) and her son (Mohau) with him. While Mandla’s daughter Mpumi and Mohau are supposed to be siblings, they have done the complete opposite. Sparks immediately flew after they met each other and that resulted in an affair. For a while, they managed to keep their relationship a secret, but the truth eventually came out.

Things have been rather tense in Cele household since the truth was revealed.

Mpumi marries Donald

Although her heart clearly belongs to Mohau, Mpumi has chosen to start a new life with Donald.

She had doubts about walking down the aisle on the day of her wedding, but Puleng conviced her to forget about Mohau and do the right thing. Puleng made a big speech after catching Mpumi and Mohau together.

The speech came after Mpumi told her that she was having doubts about getting married. “You’re not the first bride to have doubts before they walk down the aisle, and you won’t be the last.” Puleng told her to stop crying. “Fix your makeup and go and join your husband.”

Mandla rejects Njabulo

Njabulo would love nothing more than to have a good relationship with his father. However, Mandla hasn’t been the best dad since learning the truth about Njabulo’s sexuality. Being rejected by the man you’ve looked up to since you were a child must be such a painful experience. Will the father and son be able to mend their broken relationship?

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