Born Again Virgin: Get to know the girlfriends

01 August 2018
cast of born again virgin

They're young, single and available...


Jenna (Danielle Nicolet), a 34-year-old woman, decides to become celibate and create a blog to share her experience. Using her blog as encouragement for her sex diet, as well as a sounding board for her girlfriends’ often questionable sexcapades, Jenna hopes to make a success of her blog and change her friends in the process.


Kelly (Megan Holder) is Jenna’s BFF ad roommate. She’s an image consultant and publicist known for her success and equally ratchet taste in men. Her taste in men often gets the better of her, as she usually finds herself stepping down her career ladder to save her men. Fortunately for her, coming from a single-parent home means she knows the importance of never letting anything get in the way of her success.


Then there’s Tara (Eva Marcille)– Kelly very needy client. Kelly is the epitome of “wanting fame without the labour”. Tara will stop at just about nothing to be famous, except getting a real job. She’d rather spend her time attending one acting gig after another in pursuit of her next suitor.

Just as Jenna becomes used to her newfound sex-free life, we’re introduced to her hunky new neighbor, who mind you, is as fine as they come. Will Donovan be the one to break Jenna’s celibacy?

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