Black Panther: 2018s most anticipated film?

15 February 2018
Will you be watching the most anticipated film of 2018?

It feels like quite the understatement when one refers to the 16th of Feb’s Black Panther debut as merely a movie premiere. Perhaps the more appropriate term would be monumental occasion? Day history was made? Or maybe even national holiday!

However you wish to brand it, this Friday will see the world over all taking part in watching a movie that’s hype can easily match if not surpass the mass hysteria around blockbusters like The Avengers, Captain America and Deadpool. From a numbers perspective alone Black Panther has already blown critics out the water with remarkable feats like 5 million tweets about the movie before it has even premiered and a projected $150million at the box office in it’s opening weekend in America alone. For comparison, Captain America: Civil War amassed $179million in its opening weekend.

The hype is not just limited to the states though as even locally movie and comic fans alike all but sold out tickets nation wide. In fact some fans are making an occasion out of it with full outfits, viewing parties and game plans for the big night!

It truly is remarkable to witness a film this well received, especially when it features local stars Connie Chiume, John Kani and his son Atandwa Kani. So of course the only question now is, have you got your ticket yet?