Best reality show moments in 2021

08 December 2021
We couldn’t make these up even if we wanted to, reality was too good!
Tayshia and Zack

Now, reality shows this year gave what they were supposed to have gave. From some very shocking moments, beautiful, funny and everything in-between which is exactly what the doctor ordered after the year we’ve had. 😅

An escape from your reality into someone else’s is sometimes (read: always 🌚) needed and these are some of the moments that left us not only entertained but wanting more.


Claire fell in love okay!


If giving up on love was a crime, Clare Crawley would never be guilty of it because one thing she will do is give love another chance and wear her heart on her sleeve. After appearing on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise in the quest to find the one that she’ll spend the rest of her life with, Clare ended up coming back as he very own Bachelorette much to people’s surprise but also admiration.

Just weeks into the show, Clare had an instant connection with Dale and it got stronger with every episode and of course you guessed it, the other guys were borderline just there to hold a candle. Everyone’s biggest fear came true when she finally came out to say that she’s in love and leaving the show with her man very very far from the finale because why continue when you’ve found “the one” right? We stan! 💁


Temptation Island was lit


Temptation Island in South Africa? Oh that spelled litty the minute it was announced 🔥. We all knew how entertaining it was going be but also of course have the potential to ruin people’s relationships if they weren’t strong enough.

Some relationships were shaky while some needed reassurance and in the end while some people were hurt, some left with the people they fell in love with which was beautiful.



Forgiveness is beautiful

Abasemzini has been very refreshing to watch as a show that brought mother-in-laws and their daughters-in-law together to hatch out every single issue that has stood in the way of having the best relationship. They came together with the help of professionals and voiced out their grievances making way to forgive it all and start on a clean slate.

Towards the end of the show, much headway had been made with all the families on the show and after all the weeks of putting in the work, it was happiness at last. Love this for them!


It was Tayshia’s time afterall

Clare leaving The Bachelorette early wasn’t all that bad of a decision because it led Tayshia to a fiancé. It might have left a sour taste in the mouth for all the men that were on season 16 but boy did it quickly turn sweet when they found out Tayshia Adams was going to take her place and start her own journey. 😍

The good sis came in and turned heads and before she knew it, everyone had forgotten the first reason they came onto the show for because they were falling in love. Zack caught her eyes and after a few dates while in their quarantine bubble, it was clear to see love had entered the chat and they were both gone.


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