Baller Wives premiere on 1Magic

26 March 2018
Baller Wives

The last decade of reality television has really transformed the way viewers consume, experience and relate to characters on the air. There's simply nothing quite like watching normal people being themselves, without filters, scripts or technologically enhanced effects. And with something for everyone emerging in this genre, the newest baby is Baller Wives, premiering tonight at 19:00 on 1Magic. 

Baller Wives chronicles the professional and personal lives of a group of women who are or have been romantically linked to professional football players in the National Football League. The show follows the unscripted format to showcase these women's lives in their natural habitat as they juggle work, friendships, relationships and everything in between. 

The show's cast features Kijafa and Micheal Vick, who've been married for five years with two children and one on the way. Kijafa is the Beyoncé.

She also has everyone on a tight leash because she's equipped with the tea on everyone's dirt, giving her leverage to be in control of the group dynamics. Stacey and Chris Chambers are expecting their first child since being married. Stacey and Kijafa aren't exactly the best of friends, forcing Stacey to forge her own alliance within the circle.  

Other couples include Miko and Brent Grimes, Jeniva and Asante Samuel, Kelly and Julius Jones as well as Aja and Channing Crowder.