Andile Walks In On Tumi and Mabutho – The River

14 September 2020
Andile couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw Tumi and Mabutho making out at Khanyisa Diamonds.
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We all knew that Tumi and Mabutho’s entanglement would be exposed, but nobody thought Andile would be the one to catch them out. Actually, maybe they should thank their lucky stars it wasn’t Lindani because it was not going to end well at all. But how long can Tumi and Mabutho continue with their affair now that someone knows?

Lindani had been offloading his marital woes to his cousin and confidant, Mabutho. Without being obvious, Mabutho has been advising his cousin to consider letting the marriage go, not because he’s particularly worried about Lindani’s well-being, but because Mabutho has his own interests at heart. He’s been telling Tumi to leave Lindani for him, something Tumi isn’t ready to do even though she knows she no longer loves Lindani.

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Lindani Suspects Tumi is Cheating

After it seemed Lindani would never figure out what was going on behind his back, he finally had a hunch that he’s never been able to let go. But he got it completely wrong when he suspected that Zolani and Tumi had reignited a very old flame. Imagine, years after finding out they are cousins! Going on this, Lindani told Mabutho about his suspicions. Worried that his cousin would soon find out the truth, Mabutho told Tumi he could no longer go on with their affair. However, Tumi is deep in lust. All she needed to do was give Mabutho one look and man backtracked. Meanwhile, Lindani side-eyed Zolani and set out to confirm his suspicions.

Andile Catches Tumi and Mabutho

Our hearts almost hung out on our sleeves when after hearing that Tumi and Zolani were at the office together, Lindani headed straight to Khanyisa Diamonds. But who can blame Mr Dlomo? He has absent-mindedly sat at the Dikana breakfast stable stewing over the possibility that his wife is cheating on him.  When he arrived at the mine, he frantically banged from door-to-door in search of his wife who was in the shed with Mabutho.

But to Tumi’s luck and Lindani’s misfortune it was Andile who caught the two in a very compromising position.

Now that Andile knows their shenanigans we wonder whether Tumi will see the damage her affair will have on her marriage and call it quits with Mabutho. 

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