All The Heat Coming On The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion

10 June 2021
All the shade, confrontations and surprises!

We have come to the end of yet another fire Real Housewives Of New Jersey season and without fail, these women always bring the drama even when we think they’ve done it all already and we are of course always here for it!

Such has been the case with season 11 and now we’re about to watch Part 1 of the reunion and when we say it’s going to be heated, we mean it! The season brought a lot out of the women and their lives including parents drama with Jennifer, marriage problems with Melissa and Joe and more couple revelations with Dolores valuing her independency than marriage and Teresa having a new bae and of course the big rumour about Jackie’s husband cheating on her. 😱

While we wait to get into the reunion parts, the trailer makes it so hard to be patient as the host Andy Cohen reveals that he has some information that he wishes to share with the group which isn’t great, yikes! 😬

The ladies get into it as they break down the big rumours that Teresa brought up about Jackie’s husband which doesn’t go well. What we are all waiting for of course is the worst that we’ve seen from Melissa and Joe as he continues to be stuck in how they did things the old way while his wife leads a different life now and wants a more modern marriage, will they stay together and work it out? We shall wait to find out.

And lastly, the mystery man! The women have been on Teresa’s case since the season started as they suspected that she’s getting “some” 😝 and could tell that she was hiding something. We finally get to meet the man that stole her heart, Luis in one of the reunion parts when the husbands come to join their wives and this will obviously be met with much joy, we are wishing her the best! 💕


The Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion episodes start today on 1Magic and live on the DStv app at 18:30, don’t miss it!