Admiring their strength – Downtime with Somizi

24 May 2022
Busiswa and Makhadzi left us stanning hard after their touching episode aired.
Busiswa and Makhadzi DWS

We get to see sides that we never get exposed to when Somizi starts talking to the celebrated names that he brings to Downtime with Somizi and this past week when he had Busiswa and Makhadzi it was no different.

We know them as very talented women who are full of energy, who leave everything on stage when they perform but there’s so much that has happened to them and that they had to go through before they became the stars that we see today.

Makhadzi opened up about the struggles of trying to make it in the intertainment industry while she was absolutely more than capable of doing it but unfortunately met people who didn’t see her worth and decided to hurt her instead. While Busiswa shared the pain of being a child and trying to take care of herself to the point of thinking about ending her life. 😥


Life took a turn and what a beautiful sight it was for both of them. They are now who they are and we take off our crowns for them! 👑 💖


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