A dream fulfilled

20 February 2023
You did not allow life to show you what it is made of. Instead, you showed it what you are made of, enkosi.
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Siya Kolisi has become a household name all over the world. He has become a beacon of hope to many as he personifies hope in every fibre of his being. He is a reminder of how one person who has a dream and goes for that dream, and does not give up can achieve it.


The love and admiration that Siya is given are unparalleled, but that was not always the case. To quote the Proverb, “Iron sharpens iron”, is a reminder of who Siya is. Life sharpened him and made him into the force he is now. To say he comes from humble beginnings is a stretch, as he was born into poverty and rejection. His mum Phakama was just sixteen when she gave birth to him. He was not welcomed with open arms as he wasn’t the cutest baby but more than looks; how he was born made his grandmother reject him. Since he was born out of wedlock and his mum was a teenager, the odds were stacked against him. However, from that moment, he was told that regardless of how he was born, he was loved; he was wanted hence his name, Siyamthanda, which means we love him.


It may have been ingrained in his system from birth that you fight for what you love, and he did just that. He was surrounded by many people going nowhere quickly. A life of crime was glamourised as those were the people seen to be aspirational when he was younger. As fate would have it, he was exposed to Rugby, and he recognised that this could be his ticket out of poverty, to make something of himself. He took to rugby like a baby to milk. He worked hard but also had a talent like no other. He was a beast on the field, and as his skill level grew, he became untouchable.


Nelson Mandela phrased it so well that “Sport can create hope where once there was despair.” Siya found his purpose in the sport and has used his platform to change many people’s lives. In 2018 he was appointed as the captain of the Springboks. This was a moment that will remain etched in everyone’s hearts as he had changed history since he was not only the captain of the Springboks but the first black captain of The Springboks. He will forever be in the history books and a symbol of hope for many who feel that their circumstances are too dire. As the first black Springbok captain, he will forever be the trailblazer that the country needed.  He embodies what is good in the sport and led The Springboks to victory in the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final against England. What a victory, what a moment! Captain, my captain. Siyabulela, for all that you have done. For never giving up and being a beacon of light in the stormy waters of life.


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