5 Facts about Micheal Rainey Jr - Powerbook II: Ghost

30 September 2020
Cool trivia on the Powerbook II: Ghost actor
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He grew up right before our eyes as 'Tariq' on the popular American crime drama television series 'Power'. Ghost's heir started out as an innocent little kid who knew nothing about the dirty dealings that fund the family's lavish lifestyle. Yet through the season, the character evolved to start becoming immersed in all the criminal activity. Over the 7 years of the show's taping, Micheal Rainey Jr - has grown up into a young adult with millions around the world barely able to tell him apart from the character he's played so well on the show. 

Now that he's got the lead role on the Powerbook II: Ghost spin-off, he's back on the radar. While Tariq has gained quite the reputation of being an entitled brat with a tendency to run his mouth and get everyone in trouble, the actor couldn't be more removed from Tariq. In fact, fans are sometimes shocked at how laid back the actor is in real life. His chilled vibe is all the proof we need that he's got killer acting chops to be able to pull off Tariq's hot-tempered personality. 

Besides being a laid back individual, here's a list of 5 other interesting facts about Michael Rainey Jr. 


Although he's already reached global fame, Micheal is barely out of his teenage years. That means he really was as young as Power cast him to be. Again, it also means he's extremely talented!


The actor has revealed that he started out acting by chance. But, following his successful performance on LUVS, he knew there would be no going back. Soon after, he auditioned for Power and got the call right away. 


Rainey Jr has expressed much gratitude for the opportunity he's had to work with the likes of 50 Cent, Omar Hardwick and Naturi Naughton on Power. He has also listed the show's cast as being central influences in his career. He would, however, like to work with Kevn Hart someday. 


Micheal would have always been a star. The actor has said that in an alternative reality, he'd probably be a music producer. 


He has an estimated net worth of $1,2 million 

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