3 Things We Loved About Kwakuhle Kwethu

02 October 2019
They are so cute!
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Dineo and Solo lifted more than their bridal veil on Kwakuhle Kwethu, the three part wedding TV special that melted the hearts of South Africans. They unveiled their entire journey to the much publicised, albeit very intimate, nuptial. In the three parts of the docuseries, viewers followed the young celebrity couple as they navigated their way around the adventures that mark every journey towards marriage.

Here’s what we certainly enjoyed the most. 


V-Entertainment viewers fell in love with Dineo Moeketsi (now Langa) because of her infectious personality. Now an actress serving stellar portrayals, there’s no lack of evidence that Dineo loves to keep it real. Similarly, Solo ducked the obvious pressures to enhance and embellish their narrative. Instead the two, who’s raw humour and wit during their confessionals were a hit, shunned splashy displays. 


It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, but the celebrity couple’s adoration for each other was so inspiring to watch. The first episode featured the two performing a spiritual ritual together. It would turn out their spiritual callings were as aligned as their destiny was. This much talked about moment was a heart warming display of how much they were simply meant to be. 


The last thing you want to deal with is a shabby production. Kwakuhle Kwethu was crisp, sharp and smooth, inviting  compliments and good critiques from everywhere. 

The last part of the show aired on Monday, September 30th at 19:00 on 1Magic. Stay on the loop with the latest on our programming updates and catch what you can on DStv Catch Up!