2 Dope Queens: Jessica and Phoebe on their 'instant chemistry'

28 March 2018
Their first encounter 'was like a Tinder match'
2 Dope Queens

The chemistry between Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson is so beautiful, effortless and contagious that it's easy for one to assume the girls have known each other their whole lives.  Besides, it also just makes sense.

The comedians, whose '2 Dope Girls' podcast was plugged as the 'gold standard for comedy podcasting' by TIME Magazine, have a synergy that elevates the authenticity of their hilarious storytelling, so much so that listening to them is like listening to sisters being themselves. 

Though while it's quite obvious that they are comfortable with each other, Jessica and Phoebe met not that long ago!

Talking to the CBS This Morning team ahead of their four-part TV show special, which premiered last week here on 1Magic, the fierce haired Dope Queens revealed that they actually became acquainted just days before they decided to launch their iTunes chart-topping podcast.  

"I was doing background on a daily show pitch that she was doing about black women's hair in the military", said Phoebe on her first encounter with Jessica.

"And we just, like hit it off." It is also here that she would ask Jessica to help her with a stand-up show she was doing in Manhattan at the time. 

"It was like a Tinder date", joked Jessica. "We really just clicked." 

We are glad the whole Tinder match thing happened because wow!

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