With a DStv Explora, being able to enjoy your favourite series is as easy as pressing record. We don't have a series record for all of our programmes, but there is an easy three-step way to ensure you never miss a moment your favourite series. With your DStv Explora, you can easily record programmes that air daily or weekly but are not yet defined as a series, such as E! News on E! Entertainment (124)

Quick method:

1. In the DStv Explora TV Guide (or i-Plate), highlight the programme at the timeslot where you want to set a weekly or daily recording.

2. Press OK for a list of Actions and choose Record Manually.

3. Change the Manual Recording Frequency from Once Off to either Daily, Weekly or Weekdays.


Hint: You might want to change the Start Time and End Time to give a bit of extra recording time in case the programme is a bit early or a bit late.

4. Press OK to save your manual recording.

The recurring recording will now be listed in your Schedule with an (M) at the end. indicating a manual recording. It will also be listed in the Season Manager. To find the Season Manager, press DStv and select Planner.However, the recording will not be shown on the i-plate or in the TV Guide.

This recording will continue to record your chosen timeslot on your chosen channel, using the set frequency until such time as you cancel it. If the time of the programme changes, you can simply cancel the recurring recording and reschedule it. To cancel the recording, highlight it in the Schedule, press OK and select Cancel Season.