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Lawrence unpacks the Big Brother House – BBMzansi

The new host of Big Brother Mzansi discusses the appeal of Big Brother. You know – things like sociology, anthropology, and baby oil.
Lawrence unpacks the Big Brother House – BBMzansi Image : 26056


Behind the Scenes with Idols SA Season 17

The big moment! – Idols SA Image : 25930
South African music to the world!– Idols SA Image : 25902
South African music to the world!– Idols SAOur proudly South African judges and host weigh in on South Ah’s music scene. Shout out to everyone contributing towards making SA’s music discovery as rich and as palatable as it is right now!
S17 flashbacks & S18 throw forwards – Idols SA Image : 25903
S17 flashbacks & S18 throw forwards – Idols SA2021 packed some mean punches but Season 17 floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee thanks to all the hard work behind the scenes and the support from Mzansi! Get in on the Idols SA action in Season 18! Audition details will be dropping soon!
Top 2 but not 2 – Idols SA Image : 25904
Top 2 but not 2 – Idols SAFrom Top 10 to Top 2, it’s easy to see why this season is ONE of the best we’ve had! All the finalists this year brought their A-game which makes them all number 1’s in their own right!
Berry brings the positive – Idols SA Image : 25894
Berry brings the positive – Idols SAHot on the heels of her Idols SA win, Berry is already planning a new album, and a tour to meet all of her fans. She also has some plans for how she's going to put her winnings to good use – some are fun, some are responsible, all are exciting.
Karabo looks forward – Idols SA Image : 25895
Karabo looks forward – Idols SAShe may not have made it to the Top 2 of Idols SA, but Karabo's musical journey is FAR from done. We caught up with her after the finale to find out how she plans to make an impact going forward. She also discusses how she plans to spend her winnings...
No battle between besties– Idols SA Image : 25873
No battle between besties– Idols SABerry and Karabo may be waiting to see who takes the Idols SA title this year, but for them, this is not a battle but rather a stepping stone in their friendship and as peers in the music industry! They wish each other the best of luck, remembering that there are no losers here, just two talents that’ll continue to win in this thing called life. Good luck ladies!
Ending on a high! – Idols SA Image : 25872
Ending on a high! – Idols SAThis season’s Idols SA contestants have had to endure a lot! Competing amidst a pandemic, having to leave family to chase their dreams and all those gruelling rehearsals. But they due to close it all off with some highlights and learnings! The season is ending but their journey will continue! Best of luck to them!
A message in an Idol – Idols SA Image : 25870
A message in an Idol – Idols SAThere are things we know now that we wish we knew then and now that Karabo and Berry know what they know, they wish their younger selves knew them too. Listen up and you make learn a thing or two.
The last but not least! – Idols SA Image : 25860
The last but not least! – Idols SAKarabo and Berry will be doing their last round of performances on the Idols SA stage this coming Sunday! These are their chosen songs and we’re excited, to say the least!
S'22Kile parts ways – Idols SA Image : 25856
S'22Kile parts ways – Idols SAFollowing her elimination from Idols SA, we sat down with S'22Kile to hear her parting words, and to find out which moments from the competition will stick with her into the future.
VOTE for me baby ONE more time! – Idols SA Image : 25855
VOTE for me baby ONE more time! – Idols SATeam Karabo and Team Berries, show them how you want it to be… Give them a sign, vote for them baby one more time!
S’22kile does too too much shopping with Old Mutual – Idols SA Image : 25852
S’22kile does too too much shopping with Old Mutual – Idols SAOld Mutual gave S’22kile the oppor2nity to show her loved ones just how much she loves them with some early Christmas spoils! Merry Christmas 2 you and your family S’2!
Berry sweetens Christmas with Old Mutual – Idols SA Image : 25850
Berry sweetens Christmas with Old Mutual – Idols SAOld Mutual allowed Berry the chance to shop till she dropped for Christmas presents for her loved ones while on break in Cape Town. She’s about to be crowned sweetest mom and wife of the year!
"Karabo fills up her trolley with Old Mutual" – Idols SA Image : 25851
"Karabo fills up her trolley with Old Mutual" – Idols SAThanks to Old Mutual, Karabo got to do some VERY rapid Christmas shopping for her loved ones during her vacation in Cape Town. There are going to be some happy kids this Christmas!
"Msaki talks about her return to the show" – Idols SA Image : 25839
"Msaki talks about her return to the show" – Idols SAMsaki's turn as a guest judge during the Top 2 reveal certainly had people talking, as did her heartfelt performance of "Fetch Your Life". We caught up with her to talk about emotions on the night, her advice for the Idols SA contestants and her growth during the South African Lockdown.
"Now hiring: A genie" – Idols SA Image : 25834
"Now hiring: A genie" – Idols SAThe Idols SA finalists tell us what they would wish for if given the chance. Yes, you can probably guess some of them, but there are a few surprising ones in there, too.
Being a third wheel – Idols SA Image : 25833
Being a third wheel – Idols SAThe Idols SA Top 3 reminisce on times they awkwardly felt like a third wheel, finding themselves somewhat surplus to requirements.
Judge Judith gives her verdict – Idols SA Image : 25818
Judge Judith gives her verdict – Idols SAMulti award winning artist, Judith Sephuma knows all about the trials and tribulations of this music industry, listen to what she has to say concerning being an artist who too can garner sales and win favour with the fans.
We heart Kevin – Idols SA Image : 25809
We heart Kevin – Idols SAKevin has Mzansi's hearts and it shows! There's been an outpour of love since Kevin's departure from Idols SA, but do not despair because he says, "Be on the lookout for me..."
Casas de Idols – Idols SA Image : 25797
Casas de Idols – Idols SAThe Top 4 contestants kindly allow us to take a tour through the Idols SA house. – their home for the duration of the competition Their rooms looks suspiciously clean...
CAUTION! The Top 4's top warning signs – Idols SA Image : 25783
CAUTION! The Top 4's top warning signs – Idols SAThe Top 4 contestants run through their list of red flags for dates and gigs: what are the signs that would warn them off?
Top 3: Song Choice – Idols SA Image : 25752
Top 3: Song Choice – Idols SAThe Top 3 Idols SA contestants will each be singing three songs this week: a cover, a trending tune and a duet with an established artist. It's going to be a big night for all of them, and we spoke to them about their sense of anticipation for the coming performances.
Khuluma Khumalo! (Preach Khumalo!) – Idols SA Image : 25753
Khuluma Khumalo! (Preach Khumalo!) – Idols SAEasily one of the most revered voices of (South) African music, Kelly Khumalo spares a few minutes to talk to us about the impact of her presence on Idols SA in episode 17 and more!
The big moment! – Idols SA

The Fairest Wedding of Them All

Mr and Mrs Molantwa – OPW Image : 26132
Bridesmaids with options – OPW Image : 26130
Bridesmaids with options – OPWTumelo’s bridesmaid, Mpumi tries on her dress and explains how they chose it.
Outdoor wedding vibes – OPW Image : 26137
Outdoor wedding vibes – OPWThe venue matches the bride’s personality, its full of life. She can’t wait to walk down the aisle.
Mr and Mrs Ribeiro – OPW Image : 26098
Mr and Mrs Ribeiro – OPWMarlene and Hernani exchange vows and are announced husband and wife.
Fine dining cuisine – OPW Image : 26099
Fine dining cuisine – OPWMarlene gives full marks to the three course meal Rosemary and her team have prepared for the food tasting.
Marlene’s very own Frank Sinatra – OPW Image : 26097
Marlene’s very own Frank Sinatra – OPWMarlene can’t stop gushing over Hernani in his suit. She and Khanyisa agree that he’s our very own Frank Sinatra.
Welcoming MaKhumalo –  OPW Image : 26073
Welcoming MaKhumalo – OPWThe Khumalo and Cele families meet in the veld, dance and Mpumalanga is welcomed traditionally into the Cele family.
Mr and Mrs Cele  –  OPW Image : 26076
Mr and Mrs Cele – OPWMpumalanga and Mduduzi exchange vows, and the pastor blesses their marriage. They then seal their marriage with a kiss.
Picture this – OPW Image : 26075
Picture this – OPWMpumalanga and Mduduzi’s white wedding cake is a surprise, courtesy of Nadia.
Ticking all the boxes – OPW Image : 26074
Ticking all the boxes – OPWMpumalanga’s dress is ticking off all the boxes she set out for it. It looks good on her, she loves it and it’s stylish.
Mr and Mrs Mdluli  –  OPW Image : 26055
Mr and Mrs Mdluli – OPWPearl and Sthembiso exchange rings and vows and they opt to hug.
Flamboyant bird flower arrangement –  OPW Image : 26054
Flamboyant bird flower arrangement – OPWNomsa can’t stop talking about the big bird flower arrangement at Pearl and Sthembiso’s main table. Their wedding planner explains that it represents the couples’ love. Visit Mzansi Magic https://bit.ly/MzansiMagic Watch more series and movies on Showmax, start your 14-day free trial here: https://bit.ly/36PFSr0 Watch Mzansi shows on DStv Catchup: http://bit.ly/DStvCatchup Follow Mzansi Magic Here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/mzansimagic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mzansimagic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mzansimagic/
The showstopper effect  –  OPW Image : 26053
The showstopper effect – OPWPearl is almost brought to tears by her friends who are super excited for her, as she tries on her wedding gown.
Mr and Mrs Raphalalani – OPW Image : 26006
Mr and Mrs Raphalalani – OPWLydia and Richard exchange rings and the pastor prays for them thereafter.
Wowed by the groom in blue – OPW Image : 26005
Wowed by the groom in blue – OPWLydia, her sister Magdeline and Richard’s aunt Gladys are wowed by Richard in his tailored suit. Richard does a twirl for them, getting them even more excited.
Mr and Mrs Mohlabeng – OPW Image : 25978
Mr and Mrs Mohlabeng – OPWBusisiwe and Pheeha exchange vows and rings, and are declared husband and wife. They then seal their union with a kiss.
Hot like a heatoor – OPW Image : 25977
Hot like a heatoor – OPWGoodness gives Busisiwe a simple, yet stunning look and they all agree she looks gorgeous. Busisiwe hopes Pheeha will cry when he sees her walk down the aisle.
Busisiwe is an entire vibe – OPW Image : 25976
Busisiwe is an entire vibe – OPWBusisiwe couldn’t wait to get a chance to do a twirl in her wedding gown for Nomsa and her entourage. The excitement from everybody literally filled the room.
Mr and Mrs Mphupha – OPW Image : 25944
Mr and Mrs Mphupha – OPWNomvuyo and Abram exchange rings and are blessed by the officiating pastor.
Picture perfect – OPW Image : 25943
Picture perfect – OPWNomvuyo can already picture herself taking pictures at different angles at this breath-taking venue.
Practice makes perfect – OPW Image : 25942
Practice makes perfect – OPWNomvuyo and Abram take turns to help each other fit their wedding rings.
Mr and Mrs Maepa – OPW Image : 25931
Mr and Mrs Maepa – OPWShonisani and Mohube exchange vows and seal their union with a kiss.
Cake galore – OPW Image : 25933
Cake galore – OPWAll Mohube wants is for everybody to get a piece of cake at the wedding.
Outdoor vibes – OPW Image : 25932
Outdoor vibes – OPWShonisani and Mohume had two options for their matrimonial to choose from, and they choose the outdoors.
Mr and Mrs Molantwa – OPW

Telenovela Magic

Your Mzansi Magic Dramas

A sister scorned – Mzali Wami Image : 26161
Dodgy phone call – The Republic Image : 26139
Dodgy phone call – The RepublicTwo witnesses overhear Captain Radebe’s phone call with minister Mthembu, over the Ndlovu Report in the boot of his car.
Capt. Radebe phones Sizwe – The Republic Image : 26140
Capt. Radebe phones Sizwe – The RepublicCaptain Radebe founds Sizwe’s phone and is on a hunt to find him. He returns Sizwe’s mother’s phone call.
Iminathi comes first – Mzali Wami Image : 26129
Iminathi comes first – Mzali WamiJoyce hands Ntokozo papers to have her name changed to Iminathi Khaphayi in a speech that lead Francine to believe she was finally being adopted after 15 years. When Joyce tries to comfort her, Fran is inconsolable in her disappointment.
Leave Iminathi alone – Mzali Wami Image : 26128
Leave Iminathi alone – Mzali WamiJoyce intercepts Godfrey's final call to Iminathi before he suddenly and tragically passes away. Francine overhears her telling him to stay away from Iminathi and asks her to keep that secret forever.
Nobuntu drinks poison – Umkhokha Image : 26043
Nobuntu drinks poison – UmkhokhaAfter being caught in the act, Nobuntu is not willing to face the consequences of her actions and poisons herself.
Mabusi declares her love for Sphamandla – Umkhokha Image : 26042
Mabusi declares her love for Sphamandla – UmkhokhaMabusi declares her love for Siphamandla and he wakes up from his coma, meanwhile, Phakhatwayo tries to deal with MaMzobe.
Buying Phiri –n Grootboom and Sons Image : 26008
Buying Phiri –n Grootboom and SonsFuneka buys Phiri's favour just as Mbulelo and Zola are relying on him to get them information from her office.
Top Weddings of 2021 Image : 26000
Top Weddings of 2021Hililii it is a wedding day and these weddings showed us the big, the bougie and the dramatic parts of saying I do. Here are the weddings that gave us all fomo but we loved to see.
MaMzobe wants you dead – Umkhokha Image : 25993
MaMzobe wants you dead – UmkhokhaWhat Sphamandla hears surprises him as they implicate MaMzobe for the many attempts on his life.
MaMzobe poisons the holy water  – Umkhokha Image : 25992
MaMzobe poisons the holy water – UmkhokhaMaMzobe plots the demise of Sphamandla by poisoning the holy water and letting members of the congregation die.
Moments that made us LOL in 2021 Image : 25975
Moments that made us LOL in 2021One thing about Mzansi Magic, we have some of the funniest characters and moments with them have us in stitches. Can you guess which moments made us LOL the most this year? If you know, you know...
The Most Shocking Moments of 2021 Image : 25966
The Most Shocking Moments of 2021Pick up your jaw from the floor! These moments left us shooketh to the core.
Funeka is a wolf – Grootboom and Sons Image : 25952
Funeka is a wolf – Grootboom and SonsMbu tries to warn his brother about their aunt and the missing money from the business but Zola is too drunk to hear even Phiri's warnings about Funeka. Funeka later meets with a strange man who hands her a new shareholders' agreement between her and the boys, will they read the fine-print?
The warning – Umkhokha Image : 25951
The warning – UmkhokhaReggie tries to warn Siphamandla about who is trying to kill her, Mamzobe kills Bhengu before her husband finds the truth.
Hottest couples video thumbnail
The hottest couples of 2021From DiepCity to Alexandra to the posh estates of Midrand, here are the couples you were rooting for the most this year.
Memeza products– Grootboom and Sons Image : 25920
Memeza products– Grootboom and SonsIt seems Funeka may have been running a fly by night beauty shop which saw a number of girls' skin ruined after just a few uses.
Imani is pregnant – Grootboom and Sons Image : 25899
Imani is pregnant – Grootboom and SonsImani finds out she is pregnant just as Mbu's mother had predicted but she struggles to tell him worried that he may not be happy.
The voices were right – Grootboom and Sons Image : 25900
The voices were right – Grootboom and SonsMbulelo begins hearing his grandfather's voice like his mother used to and scares a nervous Imani who shows him that she is pregnant.
Funeka steals money — Grootboom and Sons Image : 25861
Funeka steals money — Grootboom and SonsFuneka finally finds the pot of gold she has been looking but her joy is short-lived when she has to pay up asap.
A poisonous scheme– Umkhokha Image : 25778
A poisonous scheme– UmkhokhaMaMzobe's scheming ways don't stop when she plots and finds a way to poison Sphamandla for the throne.
Busi weds Sphamandla – Mkhokha Image : 25724
Busi weds Sphamandla – MkhokhaBusi and Sphamandla tie the knot to bargain peace amongst their families, however MaZobe has not stopped plotting.
Give me your phone – Grootboom and Sons Image : 25714
Give me your phone – Grootboom and SonsVuyo accuses Funeka of starting the fire and coming back home with cruel intentions. Is she right about her long-lost sister?
House on fire – Grootboom and Sons Image : 25695
House on fire – Grootboom and SonsFuneka has another argument about the past with Vuyo and she decides to leave but could their home being on fire bring her back?
A sister scorned – Mzali Wami

Mzansi Wethu

Mathi – I Blew It Image : 26160
Kelebogile – Ubizo Image : 26158
Lerato – UbizoLerato is shocked when Lloyd reveals the meaning of the things that have happened to her. He also tells her she’s grown spiritually, to which Lerato confirms.
Lerato – Ubizo Image : 26157
Lesedi – UbizoLesedi remains positive after consultation with Lloyd, who revealed to Lesedi the meaning of her dreams about sitting on a throne in a river surrounded by pythons.
Sivuyile – Lovers & Liars Image : 26023
Sivuyile – Lovers & LiarsIt’s almost like a script in a horror move, as Sivuyile tells of the shocking incident when he found a few personal items in his former wife’s house.
Morwesi – Lovers & Liars Image : 26022
Morwesi – Lovers & LiarsMorwesi’s life and family was threatened by gang members when she refused to continue with the planned job. She was later arrested at work.
Oupa – Love & Loss Image : 26020
Oupa – Love & LossMpo’s mother can’t bring herself to forgive Oupa at first, for the things he did to Mpho. She then changes her mind and forgives him.
Choose Joy this Festive Season – Mzansi Wethu Image : 25994
Choose Joy this Festive Season – Mzansi WethuTis the Season, and what better way to celebrate than celebrating with us on Mzansi Wethu and Mzansi Bioskop?
Portia – Lovers & Liars Image : 25990
Portia – Lovers & LiarsPortia tells of how she was ditched at the eleventh hour, after preparing for her wedding. Thulani just disappeared with her car, R100 000 and lots more.
Lehlohonolo – Lovers & Liars Image : 25989
Lehlohonolo – Lovers & LiarsLehlohonolo Ignored the red flags and gave his girlfriend the benefit of the doubt for the longest time, but he soon found out the truth.
Lesego – Lovers & Liars Image : 25988
Lesego – Lovers & LiarsLesego was blinded by love, but her friends soon showed her how her boyfriend was taking advantage of her and how she eventually got out of the relationship.
Sizakele – Lovers & Liars Image : 25987
Sizakele – Lovers & LiarsAndrew took advantage Sizakele knowing after she fell pregnant and knowing very well she was far from home.
Lwazi and Manana – Wangkolota Image : 25676
Lwazi and Manana – WangkolotaManana and Lwazi took a loan of R56 000 together, however the siblings are at loggerheads about who needs to pay the remaining balance of the loan.
Nokuthula – Lovers & Liars Image : 25663
Nokuthula – Lovers & LiarsNokuthula tells of how she thought she was cheating on her husband Sipho with Peter, yet Peter was also a married man.
Mpho – Ho Lekane Image : 25620
Mpho – Ho LekaneMpho has had it with her son Rabelani taking advantage of her, and asks him to go to rehab, which he agrees to.
Christina and Lucas – Wangkolota Image : 25578
Christina and Lucas – WangkolotaChristina put a deposit of R40 000 down for a house Lucas was selling but 5 years later there is no house or money. Kagiso helps them come to a reasonable arrangement, even though Bra Lucas has no income.
Bongiwe and Kelebogile – Wangkolota Image : 25577
Bongiwe and Kelebogile – WangkolotaBongiwe walks out while they try and make arrangements to get Kelebogile's money back.
Johanna Motaung – Ho Lekane Image : 25543
Johanna Motaung – Ho LekaneKeletso’s mother reveals she spends most of her income on him and has to live like a prisioner in her own home.
Hlengiwe – Ho Lekane Image : 25474
Hlengiwe – Ho LekaneHlengiwe opens up to her son, Nhlanhla about how she’s burdened by the fact that he’s not doing anything to support the family.
Kgothatso on Wangkolota Image : 25464
Kgothatso on WangkolotaKate took out a loan for her cousin Kgothatso but has had issues getting her money back, she seems remorseful and promises to pay her back.
Wangkolota Karabo Ramalepe Image : 25463
Wangkolota Karabo RamalepeKarabo scammed Lilly out of some money but he refuses to cooperate and pay her back the money.
Motlalepule – Ho Lekane Image : 25424
Motlalepule – Ho LekaneMotlalepule takes care of the whole family, with the little he gets from the little that he earns monthly. His mother suggests they sit down and resolve all the issues the family has.
Sharon and Rofhiwa – Wangkolota Image : 25396
Sharon and Rofhiwa – WangkolotaSharon and the stockvel ladies want monies owed to them by Rofhiwa and they seem to come to a workable agreement
Lerato – Ho Lekane Image : 25383
Lerato – Ho LekaneLerato’s aunt gets emotional, as they try to get to the bottom of why she mis-uses her grant money.
Charity – Ho Lekane Image : 25321
Charity – Ho LekaneAfter much deliberations with her family, Charity decides that her children should come stay with her so she can managed the money she sends home for food and supplies.
Mathi – I Blew It


Let The Beat Drop