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Love is legacy, legacy is love – Isibaya

28 February 2019
The most important thing to the Ngwenya family is loyalty to family
love is legacy ndlovu

For the Ndlovu family, love is legacy.

The Ndlovu family is known for planning well ahead towards the accumulation of generational wealth. For this family, love is measured by each member’s contribution to legacy of the Ndlovu name which will remain behind long after the living members have passed.

Samson Ndlovu is currently in the fight of his life against prostate cancer. However, what is most important to him is not getting well again, but making sure that the legacy of the Ndlovu family is secured. This has become even more important for him with the birth of his first grandchild, Sbu’s son. He is the ultimate heir of the Ndlovu kingdom.

Not only is he laying the foundation for the success of the mall that he understands will be built on Ndlovu land, he is also preparing the next leaders of the Ndlovu taxi business.

In a shock selection, Samson chose Ntwenhle over Mandla to take over the taxi business. Even Jola, who had her eyes on the reigns, was not selected for the role. Samson may have made the right choice from a business perspective but his choice may cause a rift within the family.

Samson’s decision to stop chemotherapy may have detrimental effects not only on his health but on the family he may leave behind. Without a clear, older and respected head, Ntwenhle may struggle to reign in her father and aunt. Mandla and Jola are already taking out their anger about being looked over on Ntwenhle instead of Samson the decision-maker.

The Ndlovus have shown time and time again that legacy is most important to them. Samson is a cunning business man who has managed to get both his wife and niece in the Bhubesini royal council to be part of the decision-making.

However, this time in pursuit of legacy, the Ndlovus may have aligned themselves with the wrong long-term partner. Chief Dabula has resorted to his old ways and landed in hot water. He may not be chief much longer if things continue to play as they already have.

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