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New Mzansi Wethu reality shows shine the spotlight on ‘Black Tax’ and bad payers.

07 July 2021
These latest additions to our reality TV content slate also demonstrate why it is important to invest in local content.
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Mzansi Wethu continues to entrench its production prowess with the launch of two brand new exciting reality shows, Ho Lekane and Wang’kolotaHo Lekane  will explore the dynamics of breadwinners who draw the line against financially demanding family members, whilst Wang’kolota will profile individuals who spend their money while neglecting to pay back those they owe. 

Ho Lekane

Renowned actor Kopo Makgae will be the host of Ho Lokane as he helps family members resolve issues pertaining to provision in their homes. In a country that is overwhelmed by unemployment and paltry remuneration, most of the sole providers deal with family members that are inconsiderate and they take advantage of their generosity.  The shows seeks to find a permanent resolve that will make everyone happy.  

Viewers are going to watch a breadwinner’s wife threatening to leave her husband for sending too much money home, to a woman desperate to move out of home but held back financially by the financial demands of her family. Makgae will first interview abo moreki (the providers) to understand the extent of their frustrations, get a perspective from the family members, before the big family meeting - where the providers will confront their families. 


Indeed, “quick to borrow is always slow to pay.” On this new offering, people who are owed demand their money and belongings back. The show will feature a man buying a flashy car and upgrading to a new apartment while failing to settle a R2 000 debt to his friend.

There will also be a heartbroken man who bought his ex-girlfriend a car before she cheated on him, and now he wants it back. Wang’Kolota will see award-winning actor Kagiso Modupe help those who are owed money confront those who owe them with a view of getting their money or belongings back. 

“These brand-new reality shows will evoke the emotions of Mzansi Wethu viewers as some of the stories that will be told represents the lived experiences of most South Africans,” says Nomsa Philiso, the director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net.

“These latest additions to our reality TV content slate also demonstrate why it is important to invest in local content – we get our people to tell their stories, their own way,” Philiso added. 


Get your double bill of entertainment when Ho Lekane premieres on Mzansi Wethu on Saturday, 10 July, at 19:00, with Wang’Kolota playing its first episode at 19:30 on DStv Channel 163. Join the conversation on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, using #HoLekane #Wangkolota #MzansiWethu