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Is it him? Is he the drama? – uThando Nes’thembu

25 November 2021
He doesn’t think he is the drama.
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Could Musa Mseleku be the vill… okay, we’ll stop there. However, serious question: Is Musa Mseleku the reason his wives don’t get along, only when he is around.

Just a few episodes ago the Mseleku wives went on a lavish all-expenses-paid-by-hubby girls’ trip and they got on like a house on fire. We don’t mean the arson kind. They genuinely enjoyed each other’s company, laughed, danced and managed to also sit down to have some difficult and honest conversations which did not hurt the good vibes of the holiday.

One of the issues the wives brought up during their tense and serious conversation is that, perhaps, the reasons for infighting between could be because of their husband. The wives expressed that often, one wife may share something with Mseleku in confidence and instead of keeping it to himself he would share it with the other wife creating a rift between them which seldom gets addressed.

After the ladies came back from their trip, Mseleku went to visit each of their houses for a post-vacation report back on the issues he had asked MaCele to raise with his four wives. A common theme in the report back was that he often caused friction between his wives.

However, Mseleku disagreed and said he prefers an honest and open approach where he shares what the wives say about each other for their own protection and good.

Last night, the wives were together again but this time with Mseleku in the room and you could cut the tension with a knife. It did not take too long before MaKhumalo had put her foot in it and made a comment which upset MaCele.

So, is it him? Is Mseleku the drama? He doesn’t think he is the drama.

To find out who the rel stumbling block is to the unity Musa Mseleku so desires in his family, tune into #uThandoNesthembu every Thursday at 20:00.