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FIVE steps to a perfect girls' trip – uThando Nes’thembu

08 November 2021
Who knew the Mseleku wives could get down like that? If you’re looking to have a perfect girls’ trip too, follow these simple steps:
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Holiday season is around the corner and it’s only natural to want to spend some that time in the sun with your girlfriends on a summer holi-holiday. The Mseleku wives recently went on their girls’ trip and it was nothing but fun, fun fun… okay, with a little bit of tension.

Here are our takeaway from their trip so yours can be just like it or even better:

  1. Get someone else to pay for the trip

The sister-wives’ husband, Musa Mseleku paid for the trip and what slaps better than a vacay you didn’t even have to pay for? There is little to complain about when it is someone else’s credit card being swiped away.  


  1. Get someone else to plan the trip

Not only did Bab’ Mseleku pay for the trip but he also planned their activities on the trip. If you have ever had to plan a girls’ trip, you know that itinerary can start a WhatsApp group war that would leave the trip cancelled. So go with the flow and let everyone be surprised by what you’ll get up to.


  1. Leave your differences at home, unless you’re willing to be honest about them

We suggest the former, just shiya is’cefe mntase! Unless you are willing to sit down and iron out any grudges and issues you may have, the way the Mseleku wives did, just don’t bring the drama to the girls’ trip. There is no room for it.

  1. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone

Did someone say rose game? Did we hear horse-riding? Is there a party in MaKhumalo’s room and we are all invited? It’s the trip of yes in the year of yes. Agree to every fun thing and just enjoy a little light-hearted fun.


  1. Dance, dance, dance…

It doesn’t matter who has told you that you have two left feet, if the music is good, pull out your club best and heat up the dancefloor. Everything seemed to change and get lighter after the Mseleku sister-wives danced things out following their tense conversation.

It doesn’t matter who has the best moves because what happened at the i=girls’ trip, stays at the girls’ trip. Wait, was that a bonus tip?


For more pearls of wisdom and fun from the Mseleku family, tune into #uThandoNesthembu every Thursday at 20:00.