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A rose or a thorn? – uThando Nes'thembu

21 October 2021
Viewers were divided on whether Mayeni’s straight-talker attitude is much-needed honesty in a polygamous marriage or plain rude.
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Day one of the Mseleku wives’ girls’ trip had a bit of everything from opulence, gorgeous views and four stunning women to tension, awkwardness and dare we say a bit of sting.

The ladies have gone away to see if they can kindle sisterly love between them and bond, with the hope of garnering the “unity” their husband has been pleading for from them.

One would think the tension on a girls’ trip would stem from choosing rooms but that seemed to go well as each wife was happy with her room. Surprisingly, it was the first game of the vacation that turned things a little bit sour.

MaNgwabe had organized for the ladies to play a game where they would give each other roses prompted by the instructions on a card. MaNgwabe gave MaCele a rose for being the person who made her laugh, revealing that the pair often call each other and have friendly and humorous conversation. MaCele also received a rose from MaYeni for having paid her a compliment on her dress sometime ago. So the game went on and the ladies gave each other and themselves roses for various acts of kindness.

However, by the end of the game, MaYeni had not received even a single rose. A development that did not phase her as she honestly revealed in her diary after the game.

When asked to give a rose to the last person who had picked up her child from school, MaYeni did not give MaKhumalo a rose even though her sister wife picks up and drops off her child weekly from school in Durban. True to MaYeni’s sharp-shooter attitude and way of speaking, she refused to give MaKhumalo a rose saying she was not the last person to pick up/drop off one of her children.

Mzansi Magic viewers were divided on whether MaYeni was just being honest or ruining a game and opportunity to show and appreciate kindness.

Here are the views from the audience, so what is your take? Is Mayeni an honest rose or a thorn on this trip?

The girls' trip continues next week and it promises more drama...and we hope some untiy too. Don't miss #uThandoNesthembu Thursdays at 20:00.