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A chance for unity? – uThando Nes’thembu

28 October 2021
Has the Mseleku sister-wives' holiday opened the door to unity?
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Season five of #uThandoNesthembu has been filled with the explosive drama we expected but there also have been some hard truths revealed by Mseleku and his wives that he wants the family to work on.

Top on his list of priorities is the lack of unity between his wives. According to Mr Mseleku, his wives don’t seem to have thoughtful and conscientious relationships amongst each other. He feels that they are often thinking of themselves and their own needs instead of the needs of the family.

The wives had the discussion between themselves on holiday and it was not without some tension and awkward moment. When MaCele suggested that MaNgwabe allow her children to travel with all the other children to school, she refused on the valid grounds that she would like to spend that time bonding with her daughters.

When MaCele asked that each wife make an effort to individually notify the other wives when hosting an event, MaYeni said she was happy to leave a group message as an invitation. MaKhumalo’s suggestion that issued between each other be dealt with face-to-face, MaYeni was in disagreement.

So it seems all the wives have their own thoughts on how things should be done in the family and finding a point of compromise is difficult.

What is evident though, is that the sister-wives are able to have a great time together: From the slumber party hosted in MaKhumalo’s room where we saw each wife shake her tail feather to being weighed together just before horse-riding.

It was lovely to see that even after a difficult and heavy conversation of calling each other out, the wives are able to put their differences aside to enjoy a weekend of bonding, dancing and exploring new adventures.

So if the ladies are able to enjoy each other’s company, surely it means they can enjoy a lifetime of unity together.

To see if unity can be built in the Mseleku home, stay tuned to #uThandoNesthembu every Thursday at 20:00.