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MaMzobe’s worst nightmare comes true – Umkhokha: The Curse

01 August 2023
Her desperate attempt to save her marriage leads her to learn about how Difa and Zodwa have betrayed her.
Umkhokha:TheCurse S1 Difa and Zodwa affair

Episode 107: Who’s the baby daddy?

Difa is tired of all the probing by the family and opts to blurt out the truth.


Episode 108: My baby’s father is …

Mamzobe makes plans to find Zodwa’s baby daddy while trying to win Difa back. Mabusi tells Sphamandla the truth. MaNzimande refuses to change her mind while MaShezi is happy at how things are turning out.


Episode 109: Hot stove

MaMzobe walks in victory, thinking she and Difa are back together after spending the night together. Zodwa on the other hand, could use a break.


Episode 110: Difa’s solution

MaMzobe’s determination to help Zodwa by taking extreme measures pushes Difa to decide. MaNzimande warns Siphamandla about trusting Mlungisi, while Mabusi is burdened and devastated.


Episode 111: Siblings or foe?

The truth about Difa and Zodwa’s affair comes out when MaMzobe agrees to meet with Difa’s new woman.


Episode 112: JJ the punching bag

Difa takes out his frustrations on JJ. One of the Gumede siblings learns that Difa is the father of Zodwa’s baby. Mlungisi is losing his grip with the church and Maphalala is his last hope.


Episode 113: MaMzobe’s rage

MaMzobe’s desperation to save her marriage leads her to learn about how Difa and Zodwa have betrayed her. Siphamandla is at wit’s end when Mlungisi berates him for having more members at his branch. Nomkhosi wants Khulekani to take advantage of the fall out between Siphamandla and Mlungisi.

Episode 114: Where is MaMzobe?

When love seems to have restored peace in the Gumede home, rage busts through the door and wreaks havoc.


Episode 115: Crossing lines

The Mzobes are dealing with a lot, as MaMzobe goes mute from pain and worry. This may be the end of the road for Zodwa. The Mthembus deal with one thing after another with regards to Mlungisi and his tyranny.


Episode 116: No apology, terminate

At a family meeting, Zodwa attempts to turn the tables on MaMzobe after her pregnancy has been uncovered, only to be given a fatal ultimatum.


Episode 117: Kushaye mkhululi kushaye

Zodwa blurts out MaMzobe’s biggest and darkest secret. Mlungisi is feeling the pressure of firing the council. Maphalala catches Sibusiso and MaZungu on their secret.


Episode 118: A new world order

Difa wants to expose MaMzobe to the family, only to have his own dirty linen aired out.


Episode 119: Tying the sinful knot

Difa wants to finally marry the love of his life, after all the other family secret bombs have exploded.


Episode 120: Keeping up with the Mzobes

Difa decides to take the bull by the horns and makes an announcement that hurts MaMzobe. Mabusi ignores Zodwa when she visits her and decides to speak to MaMzobe instead. MaZungu is scandalized and curious when she and Maphalala come across Zodwa and Difa holding hands.


Episode 121: Umlanjwana

Gabisile wants to kill Zodwa. Mlungisi commiserates with Mabusi, while MaZungu spills the tea on the drama at the Gumede residence.


Episode 122: Miracle baby

Zodwa’s anxiety heightens by the confirmation that she is pregnant. Mlungisi and Sibusiso make a mockery of the church, while Siphamandla enjoys success at the Pietermaritzburg branch.


Episode 123: Making amends

The Mzobes refuse, as Difa tries his best to marry Zodwa. The Mthembus can’t get through to Mabusi, as she struggles to get over their slader


Episode 124: uDifa wami ngedwa vo

The Mzobes think they have beaten MaMzobe to submission. Nomkhosi brews enmity between Mabusi and MaNzimande and Maphalala is dragged into gossip by his wife.

Episode 125: Barren land

A trail of blood gives Zodwa and Difa the shock of their lives. MaMzobe receives a cold welcome at Mlungisi’s house. MaShezi can’t believe MaMzobe is giving up so easily. All the church members abandon the main branch for the Pietermaritzburg branch.


Episode 126: Isibindi

Zodwa comes very close to losing her pregnancy but is saved at the brink of the moment and MaMzobe is far from happy hearing the news. Mlungisi sends Siphamandla to Vosloorus.


Episode 127: Mthembu’s question

Mlungisi has a disturbing dream from Mthembu asking him a hard question. MaNzimande confronts Mlungisi for sending Siphamandla to Vosloorus and almost slaps him, but MaMzobe intervenes. Nokubonga is happy about Siphamandla being sent to Vosloorus.


Episode 128: Umlanjwana

Maphalala has a grim warning for Difa. Siphamandla takes MaNzimande to task for attacking Mlungisi. Zodwa blames MaMzobe for her pregnancy woes.


Episode 129: Let the fire burn

Mlungisi finally realises that playing with fire is dangerous. Difa goes back to his roots and looks forward to a better future with Zodwa. MaMzobe gets a taste of her own medicine.


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