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What is happening on Umbuso? Here is a quick update for you

26 April 2022
We break down everything that has happened to date on Umbuso for you.
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Samora killed his mother in cold blood just minutes after she revealed a heartbreaking and damning secret – that Ma E, the man who Samora thought was his father and abused him, is actually not his biological father. Instead, family friend Tiny is Samora and his sister Thembelihle’s father.

Thembelihle is Samora’s sister and the glue desperately trying to keep the family together. She does not know yet that her brother is the one who killed her mother nor that Ma E, is not her father, but Tiny is her father.

The problem with Tiny being Samora and Thembelihle’s father is that she has always been in love with Tiny’s son, Tshepiso who we now know is actually her brother. The two are so deeply in love and unaware that they are siblings, that they have shared intimate moments together and Tshepiso wants to have a child with Thembelihle and not his wife, Bassie.

Ma E is the father that Samora and Thembelihle know from birth. He is a hard man, a businessman and a major distributor of marijuana. While he misses his wife, Mpho who Samora killed, he is also sharing his bed with Xola, someone his son used to date or know.

Ma E is trying to solve the conundrum of who killed his wife in cold blood although he believes the police who say it was a freak accident. Howeverm he has not ruled out an intentional murder, he thinks Caesar – a fellow druglord may have killed his wife.

As you can see, the major theme on Umbuso is secrets and drama with a capital D. Every week, a new secret is revealed to viewers and more reveations are coming. You don’t want to miss #Umbuso every Sunday at 20:00 now that you’re all caught up.