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A mid-season refresher – Ultimate House Party

14 November 2019
We’re just ahead of the middle of the #UltimateHouseVibe season and things are going to get wild – get caught up!
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In episode 1, we met the contenders, naturally:

There’s more on them here:

And we got to know our new judges:

It was Mbalie versus Tshego in our first vibe-off, and the theme was ‘Back to My Roots’. But Tshego’s style was somewhat… Mixed?

Lamza was playing favourites:

And Mpho Popps was NOT ABOUT that mopane worm!

Mbalie’s Pitori vibe went off!

But the real winner may be this guy…

Sadly, our first eliminated contestant was the unfortunate Paballo:

Episode 2’s theme was, given the date was Halloween, fitting: ‘A Scary Night In’:

And the Wheel of Fate was kind to the viewers!

Two additional big names featured in the ep:

Noxollo was clumsy!

But Gontse’s vibe was ‘wack’:

#TeamGontse turned on each other:

And just like that, we lost an early favourite:

But it was a controversial decision…

In episode 3, the theme was ‘90’s hip-hop’, and Moozlie was on hand to help!

It didn’t seem to help – the people at Lamza’s vibe looked ancient!

Even worse, his guest of honour was AWOL!

Over at Noxy’s event, she was also having issues:

Khanyi proved her rap credentials:

And her suppleness!

While Mpho Popps finally found some food he enjoyed!

But after landing in the bottom two for the second time, Tshego’s time was up – and here’s what’s next (Oh, Don Dada is back)!

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