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The Siko twin sisters in debut reality show – Twice As Bold

06 April 2022
A reality series which follows the lives of the Siko twin sisters – Owami and Olwethu – premieres on Thursday 7 April 2022 on Mzansi Magic.
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Owami and Olwethu Siko, who are twin sisters, will share their lives in the reality series, Twice As Bold, which starts on Thursday 7 April 2022. In the TV show, viewers will see how the Siko twins navigate their dating life, motherhood, being businesswomen, and their spiritual journey to become prophets.

Owami and Olwethu, who in their first marriage were both married to Mzukizeni Mzazi, a TV Director, for nine years, are currently looking for one soulmate. The twin sisters each have a daughter from their previous marriage – the girls will also be on the reality TV show.

Here’s why you’ll love this reality show:

They have a strong sisterhood bond

The two women are feisty and know what they want. They have different personalities, but they are very similar, and they live together with their daughters. They want to share a husband – as they did in their previous marriage.

There is constant family drama

Most of the twins’ family members do not support their lifestyle, including them wanting to share a husband. Although Owami and Olwethu have a calling to both be prophets, a very close family member believes that one of the twin sisters is forcing the other to be part of her spiritual calling.

Owami and Olwethu’s divorce

According to Owami and Olwethu, their divorce is finalised. Spoiler alert: according to the ancestors, their divorce was not done the right way. Therefore, the women need to consult with their ex-husband about this, and this is despite them not being on a good foot with him.

The reconciliation with their biological mother

Owami and Olwethu were raised by their late grandmother and believed for a long time that their biological mother was their sister. Now, they want to work on their relationship with their biological mother, especially for the sake of their daughters. In episode one, the sisters organise for their daughters to meet their grandmother (their mother). The meeting becomes very emotional for them.

Tune in to watch the reality show Twice As Bold from 7 April 2022 on Thursdays at 8pm on Mzansi Magic.