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Dlozi love connections with Thokoza Munt’wam

26 September 2023
Three couples are on the ultimate quest to balance the spiritual and physical worlds.
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Have you ever wondered how ancestral callings and matters of the heart coexist? Well, Mzansi Magic is about to answer that for you in the most entertaining and dramatic way possible. 


Stay glued to your screens, because come Wednesday 11 October at 20:00, we're serving you the first of 13 episodes of Thokoza Munt’wam, a reality dating show that we are certain will be your new obsession.


Thokoza Munt’wam is not your usual reality show. We've got three couples here, each unique in their dynamics, challenges, and love languages. These couples are on the ultimate quest: to balance the spiritual and physical worlds. They are driven by love, but their unique spiritual journeys shape their relationships in ways most of us might never understand. The burning question is: can their love survive their ancestral callings?


Meet our couples:

  1. Zukiswa Vutela and Macdonald Mailula known as Ndlovulati and Mcool Chuene: Do you think age is just a number? These two will give you a new perspective. From dealing with age differences and societal pressures to confronting personal and collective pasts – their story is nothing short of extraordinary.
  2. Khanyisile Mnguni and Zanele Mnguni also known as Slay and Zee: Two women, both from Christian backgrounds, battling issues of identity, spirituality, and legacy. What does it mean to stand by your partner when their beliefs are in complete contrast to yours? Tune in to find out!
  3. Kamogelo Sello and Sinoyolo Mbotshwa also known as Mercedes and Yolo: Have you ever been inboxed by your soulmate? Gogo Mercedes saw Yolo in a dream and reached out via Facebook. Their young love is loaded with unique challenges, but they're determined to navigate it all.


Why should you watch?
Because Thokoza Munt’wam is rewriting the narrative. While many shows might focus on the practice of ancestral calling, this one puts love centre stage. It’s the sweet, sometimes sour, love stories of the couples, with the twist of ancestral influences that make this a must-watch.

Here's what our couples have to say about their journey: 

Slay and Zee: "I joined the show to break the binary thinking society has aboutspirituality. Especially in this generation," says Slay. While Zee cheekily adds, "I joined to support Slay in her rise to fame."


Ndlovulati and Mcool say: "We joined to express ourselves as genuine healers. To show the true definition of healing and love."


Masedi and Yolo say: "We chose to be a part of the show to grow and learn from challenges we face as a young influential couple. In this season, we show support over any other thing."


Don’t miss, Thokoza Munt’wam starting Wednesday 11 October, 20:00, only on DStv channel 161. And if you’re always on-the-go, catch it on DStv Stream and Catch Up.


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