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21 March 2023
It has been a concern but Themba puts everyone at ease.
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The struggle has not only been the constanst questioning of whether Themb and Mphowabadimo really want to get married, but there has also been the underlying one of whether Themba being someone that believes in prayer and not appeasing the ancestors would be able to accept Mpho's way of living without that being a problem in their relationship. 

Seeing Themba's family worry about this raised a few eyebrows with the audience;

Will you be able to support her? 

This need a proper sit-down because as much as Themba's family has been disappointed by how everything has been handled with Mpho's family, they have been deeply concerned about Themba dating and wanting to get married to a sangoma because he doesn't believe in the practice but he made sure that he answers all their questions. He started by making sure that they understand that two people can have different beliefs but still be in love and make it work and went on to say that she prays with her and if push comes to making him help her with some rituals, he will support her as much as he can. 💑

The question remains though, is the family asking this because they are concerned or because they would rather not see them get married?


Messy is still what it is but it remains to be seen if it will end marriage or not. Stay tuned to #ThembaMyInkedWorld every Friday at 20:00. Join the conversation on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and TikTok.