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Two queens and a king – The Throne

19 September 2019
Both Tshegofatso and Odirile are not willing to back down.
Tshego 9

The battle lines are drawn! Both Sello’s wives, Tshegofatso (Tshego) and Odirile are not prepared to back down.  

How did they find themselves in this position? Well, it’s pretty simple: Sello has been lying to both of them.

We know what Odirile is capable of, especially when you go up against her BUT it looks like she’s finally met her match in Tshego! She is not here to play, shame! Not with Odirile, and certainly not with Sello.

Now that Sello’s lies have been exposed and with the council agreeing that Tshego moves into the palace, one wonders if they’ll be peace in the palace? We think not, and here’s why:

They’re so much alike:

Tshego has fiery nature, much like Odirile. They both have a liking for the finer things in life and are both very good at playing sweet and innocent.  

The stakes are high:

Both Tshego and Odirile have a lot to lose. Odirile could lose being queen, if her marriage to Sello is annulled, and Tshego could lose Sello.    

So, what’s it gonna be? Is Sello going to rule Kweneng with his two wives by his side? How will the villagers accept the news?


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