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To wed or not to wed? – The Throne

12 September 2019
An unexpected guest arrives and causes a stir.
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You know what they say about skeletons in the closet... They always have a way of coming out!

King Sello Morule learnt this the hard way, when an unexpected guest showed up at the royal event, celebration his union with Odirile, as husband and wife.     

I mean, the celebration was announced on Monday and an invite was extended to all the villagers so anyone and everyone could attend, but who is this stranger though? We don’t know much about Sello, nor do we know how their relationship started but here’s what we know:

They’re Kweneng’s royal couple:

Odirile returned to Kweneng after being banished by Mosadi, claiming she and Sello were married and further challenged the BaKwena for the throne.  

They’re Kweneng’s Bonnie and Clyde:

Listen! These two have done it all together. From faking DNA results to kidnapping and torture, as well as covering a murder!  

Mosadi had just two days to organize everything. From the wedding invitations, to the décor and catering. We must say, she did an amazing job! Everything was set, the couple looked lovely in their outfits, then BOOM! It all seemed to come crashing, as the unexpected guest walked down the aisle towards the couple, demanding an explanation from Sello.

Is Sello and Odirile’s marriage legit? What’s going to happen now?


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