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To love, or not to love? – The Throne

18 April 2019
Mosadi and Lerole’s on/off budding romance.
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Queen Mosadi and Lerole are going through the most right now. One moment they’re happily in love and looking forward to telling the world about their relationship, and the next, the universe is against it!

Now, y’all know that by “universe” we mean great-aunt Sephiri, right!? LOL! As custodian of the Kwena royal family and culture, Sephiri is passionate about following tradition and is doing everything in her power to ensure that this budding relationship does not see the light of day.

The two love-birds have been secretly in love for many years, for obvious reasons. Firstly, the Kwena tradition forbids Queen Mosadi to have a relationship, especially with someone not of royal blood. Secondly, Lerole is a married man, well, until recently!

Sephiri did warned Queen Mosadi to end the relationship, the minute she heard about it. Did Mosadi listen though? Nope! She was more determined than ever to be with the man she loves. Kefilwe also tried to talk Mosadi out of it but that also didn’t seem to work.

So, Sephiri saw it fit to deal with Lerole, once and for all. He went missing for a while there, after Sephiri’s henchmen gave him a beating but luckily, he’s been found! Hurt, but still alive.

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Wonder what Queen Mosadi will say or do, now that she’s found out Sephiri is behind Lerole’s disappearance, plus the injuries? Also, are they going to continue with their relationship?

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