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The mighty Kwena have fallen – The Throne

04 July 2019
The court declared the Morule’s as the rightful leaders of Kweneng.
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If Queen Mosadi had a penny for all the times she’s been dethroned and reinstated later, she’d probably be richer than any queen that ever ruled the village of Kweneng.

But the latest incidents, involving the court case against the Morule’s had us shook!

Twitter peeps did not take it too well either:

On the other hand, others kind of guessed how things would play out, now that the Morule’s have won the case:

Others questioned what’s to happen now that Naledi’s lineage was revealed when she returned from the ancestor’s river:

Queen Mosadi was loved and respected by all in the village and now, things are about to change. The big question is: Will the villagers accept Sello Morule and Odirile and their king and queen, respectively?  


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