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Sello and Odirile arrested – The Throne

22 August 2019
Cops arrest them in front of their guests, for the murder of Princess Kefilwe.
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Tumelo and Otsile have worked really hard to put the pieces of the puzzle in Kefilwe’s murder case, but one cannot help but wonder if all their efforts are not in vain?

I mean, we all know Odirile’s track record. She gets arrested for a crime she committed, but always manages to get off scot free. Here’s a few instances:

Princess Mosetsana’s death:

Mosetsana literally died in her hands. To cover her tracks, Odirile framed both Goitseone and Moseki and when she was finally arrested, Lazarus came to her rescue and they framed Kefilwe, thereafter.

Poisoning Queen Mosadi:

Odirile has always been envious of her sister, Mosadi for being the chosen one and it came as no surprise that she poisoned her, at the same time Mosadi was dealing with cancer. Again, Odirile got away with it because she later stopped poisoning Mosadi and helped her beat the cancer.   

Uncle Maswabi’s kidnapping:

Odirile reluctantly played along when Sello kidnapped a sickly uncle Maswabi from his hospital bed, just so they could get the answers they needed from him to win the case against Mosadi and dethrone her. Did they get arrested? Nope! It was all “forgotten” during the peak of the trial.

While Odirile didn’t kill anyone this time around, she is still involved in Kefilwe’s death because she and Sello have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks, trying to cover the fact that Sello strangled Kefilwe when she found out that he paid the forensics expert to lie about the DNA results.  

Curious about what really happened, cousins Tumelo and Otsile decided to do a little detective work on the side. They’ve been wondering what to do with the information they found from Kefilwe’s car tracking company records. One phone call to Detective Kole, and the couple’s little family dinner went from a happy occasion to them being cuffed and taken straight to the police station.

Does Detective Kole and his men have enough evidence to put both Odirile and Sello behind bars, or could this be another one of those “wrongful arrests?”    

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