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Queen Mosadi’s fresh approach – The Throne

11 April 2019
A look at some of the changes we’ve seen.

Since she returned to the throne last week, Queen Mosadi is shaking things up, and we’re not sure whether to be excited or a little afraid!

We’ve always known her to be sweet and a little too trusting at times, but it looks like her time away has brought out a different side to her. Here’s some of the changes we’ve noticed:   


She’s more flexible:

Remember how she used to be against some of the ancient traditions of the BaKwena? Well, things have certainly changed. Who would have thought she’d agree to have the Royal Healer perform a cleansing ceremony for the whole village?   

1554977762 34 screen shot 2019 04 08 at 3.44.53 pm


She’s more cautious:

Queen Mosadi is more assertive now, and certainly made that clear when she relieved uncles Maswabi and Moeti and aunt Tebogo from their council duties.


She’s not afraid to love:

Her relationship with Lerole has been a secret for many years, but it seems the two love-birds cannot hide it any longer. They’re sneaking around and flirting in public! She’s definitely risking it all.

1554978135 34 screen shot 2019 04 10 at 8.45.03 pm


One thing that has not changed though, is her love for the people of Kweneng, and that’s why they love her so much! It will be interesting to see that other changes or improvements she’ll implement next.

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