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Naledi’s lineage revealed – The Throne

21 June 2019
The ancestors show her she’s of the Kwena royal blood.
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So, Mme Naledi is of royal blood? Who would have guessed!? Her family couldn’t even begin to imagine this!    

All this time, Naledi has been working for the royal family not knowing that she’s actually one of them. Imagine the shock when the ancestors revealed to her who her real father was!

Her journey to finding out who she is began when a strange illness hit her. With a blink of an eye, Naledi was bedridden and for a moment there, it looked like she was possessed by some spirit. It took her son, Goitse’s courage to find a cure in the mountains.

Here’s what Naledi being of royal blood could mean:

A: If Naledi is a true Kwena descendant, this could mean more Kwena With the Morule’s contesting the Kwena rule over Kweneng, could Naledi be exactly what the royal family needs to save the throne from the Morule’s?

B: The royal family is known to be at each other’s necks every now and then for various reasons. Everybody wants a taste of power and an addition to the family could mean 

C: Lazarus has been trying one thing, after another with his get-rich-quick schemes and Naledi being of royal blood could change things for him. I mean, if the BaKwena stay in power, Lazarus would probably get a shot at getting his “dirty” hands on the Kwena fortune. 

Twitter was here for Naledi’s revelation:


So many questions! Very few answers, if any at all! Guess we'll have to wait to find out.    

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