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The plot thickens!

13 August 2018
Whose word should the queen trust, between the treacherous Themba and conniving Moseki?

Greed, jealousy and resentment fills Moseki’s heart, and there’s only one thing on his mind – to kill Queen Mosadi!

You see, being the queen’s elder brother, Moseki believes he was robbed off his birthright when the ancestors picked Mosadi as the rightful leader of the Kwena clan. That’s not all! He also believes Mosadi belittles him. So, he and his beloved daughter, Dipuo came up with a plan to kill the queen and take what they believe is “rightfully theirs.”

Father and daughter hired an ex-soldier, Themba and his crew to kill the queen “military style” at the ancestral lake but luckily, she survived! Now, the big question on everybody’s mind was, who was behind the attack and why would they want the queen dead?

Great aunt Sephiri hinted several times to the queen, that Moseki was involved, but the queen would hear nothing of it! Even the police were certain that Moseki had something to do with it, but the queen was still not convinced.   

Now, with the failed assassination attempt, Themba became a liability, and the walls slowly closed in on father and daughter each day. All Themba wanted was his money but the two failed to live up to their end of the deal and when Themba had enough of the cat-and-mouse game, he went straight to the royal house!

It seems Moseki was one step ahead of Themba, for he showed up at the royal house just before Themba could tell the queen and Princess Kefilwe more than he already had. The two men took turns trying to discredit each other about their involvement in the assassination and before we knew it, Moseki fired a shot!

Next thing, Themba was on the floor and the big question is – Which one of these men will Queen Mosadi believe? Will Moseki and Dipuo succeed with their evil plan?   

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