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FIVE people to watch out for when there’s an inheritance – The Station

31 May 2021
Nothing like a lucrative deceased’s estate to bring out people’s true colours.
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Don’s body is barely cold and already all the money and assets he left behind is causing more trouble than they are all worth. Could he have seen it coming when he decided to leave the fuel station to his friends and employees?

Here are the red flags we think Don could have seen coming.

1. The gambler – Fix

We love Bra Fix’s kind heart and helpful nature but his love for gambling and risking it all will definitely land him in trouble. He was quick but quiet to want a pay-out after finding out that he had a 25% share in the fuel station he worked at and as soon as he received it, he gambled it and bought a car with some. Money will not last long in his hands.

2. The ambitious one – Cynthia

Call her a bitter, sour control freak and I’m sure you will find someone to agree with you. Cynthia is not everyone’s cup of tea. One thing she is though, is ambitious and competent. She could definitely be an incredible leader to take the station further but she just does not listen to anyone. It seems in the face of an inheritance and the chance to rise up, Cynthia is blinded by ambition.

3. The money lover – Caesar

It comes as no surprise that Caesar was the first to sell his shares to Don’s arch enemy, Diliza. The shocker is that he has not even received a cent from the sale. He gave “Bra D” as he affectionately calls him his entire 25% share in the fuel station for the promise of R3-million and a promise to get him the other 75% from the other members. Caesar’s love for money may have cost any chance of ever having it.

4. The keeper of secrets – Sli

Sli is a fighter which would probably explain how she has managed to hide the fact that Diliza is her son’s father for almost two decades. People who  are harbouring secrets can easily be manipulated when they fear those secrets could come out.

5. The enemy – Diliza

Diliza was too afraid to face Don head-on when he was still alive. However, now that Don has left the earth, D has come out guns blazing to tarnish is memory and to settle old scores. Is it possible that he is the one who killed Don?

To see how all these characters fold and unfold in the face of money and power, stay tuned to #TheStationMzansi every Monday at 20:00.