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The Somhale couple’s guide to lockdown

29 April 2020
Our fav newlyweds are giving back, having fun and really living during this lockdown. Why not take a few ideas from them?
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When you’ve lost count of how many days of lockdown you’ve lived through and there is little difference between Monday and Friday, it can be difficult to stay upbeat. Not for Somizi and Mohale: The pair is serving us lockdown couple goals and keeping smiles on each other’s faces.

Take a page out of their book with this guide:

  1. Give back

Grocery runs are essential but not everyone has the means to make them. The Somhale Foundation donated 200 vouchers to families in Freedom Park and we’re here for it!

  1. Play together

A lockdown is serious business but that doesn’t mean there is no room for fun. We love this couple’s quiz with Somhale and a little prank on the husbae from Somizi.

  1. Stay safe together

You won’t forget to wear a mask, sanitize and stay safe if you’re doing it with the love of your life.

  1. Cook for each other and make it fun

We all know uSomizi uyalishaya ibhodo, but husbae Mohale is also coming all the way through with some hearty meals. And when it’s made with love, it just tastes better!

  1. Spend some time together but apart

Even the best of lovers need some space under the same roof. We are loving Somizi’s Tik Toks and Mohale’s live conversations talking fashion, careers and whole lot more.

If you want to see more of Somhale and their love story, follow their jouney to marriage on Somizi and Mohale:The Union 27 - 30 April at 20:00 or watch it on Showmax