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Who is your president in #TheRepublicMzansi?

23 January 2022
If you could vote in #TheRepublicMzansi would it be Minister Mthembu or Madame President Mulaudzi getting your vote?
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It was like music to his ears when Minister Mthembu heard the words that Madame President is resigning from her role as number slipping from Bridget’s mouth during pillow talk.

We have to admit he has quite the poker face because Bridget could not see that he was close to bursting at the seams with excitement. Or perhaps love and lust have blinded Bridget so much she cannot see when she is in bed with her president’s enemies.

Madame President has only indicated her intention to resign but it seems she may still go back on her words now that she has identified a leak in Bridget. Could this lead the president to see through Minister Mthembu? Mthembu wants the role of number one citizen with every fibre of his being and he is willing to do just about anything to get it including burning down the very country he wants to rule. He has orchestrated and stoked the fires for the riots that have brought The Republic to it's knees and has also stolen the much anticipated state corruption report, all with the police in his pockets. 

On the other hand is President Mulaudzi, full of integrity so much so that she is willing to resign if it will bring her country to peace and prosperity.

Can Mthembu’s unscrupulous deeds and nature unravel President Mulaudzi’s selfless reign and cost Bridget her job after years at the president’s side?

Who has your vote for the role of president? Mthembu or Mulaudzi?

Stay tuned to #TheRepublicMzansi every Sunday at 20:00 to see who rises and who falls.